Telemonitoring solution for patients with neurological diseases

NIAis a telemonitoring solution for patients with neurological pathologies, developed by Riatlas in collaboration with NeMO Lab, the first Italian technology hub for the development of technological innovation projects in neuromuscular diseases, created thanks to the work of the NeMO Clinical Centre with technology research groups, research laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and companies involved in the design and development of technological aids.

NIA was created with the aim of supporting clinical decision-making and encouraging the participation of patients with neurological diseases in their care pathway.



NIA is a modular medical software device (CE Class I) for telemonitoring of neurological diseases. It consists of a wearable device capable of collecting the patient’s vital parameters (passive data), an app presenting specific tools, such as neurological tests and daily mood assessments, for NDG disorders (active data), a web page for data collection and management and an AI-engine based alert system for clinical staff. The application detects in advance clinical risks, classifies patient’s health status (ICF) and correlates contextual data with clinical data through an analytical control panel. The solution is interoperable with other systems, in accordance with the HL7-FHIR standard, and is compliant with privacy (GDPR) and security (OWASP) regulations.


Wearable device

Patient Mobile App

Clinical Web App

AI-based alerting & monitoring