RiAtlas S.r.l. is committed to maintaining the Integrated Management System in compliance with the requirements of the ISO Quality Management standards, promoting an ever greater integration into the reality of the company management system.

The company Quality System of RiAtlas SRL is certified according to:

ISO 9001: Design, development and maintenance of digital health applications, with related support services.

ISO 13485: Design, development and marketing of stand-alone medical software devices, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, for clinical support during the monitoring of patients in home care, understood as the provision of information that does not require immediate or short-term action. Support services related to software distribution and access.

ISO 27001: Design, development and maintenance of medical and enterprise software applications and related support services. Software delivery in Saas mode, using ISO/IEC 27017 (information security in the cloud) and ISO/IEC 27018 (protection of personal data in the cloud) guidelines.