You are currently viewing Qualified SAAS supplier for RiAtlas Healthcare on the AgID Cloud Marketplace

Riatlas has been recognized as a qualified “SaaS – Software as a Service” provider on the AgID Cloud Marketplace for theRiAtlas Healthcare solution.

The obtained qualification certifies that SaaS services for the PA Cloud are developed and provided in compliance with minimum criteria of reliability and security, which are a necessary condition for public digital services.

In detail, the qualification process has ensured the presence of application security requirements, the availability of adequate technical support for customers, transparency and the availability of detailed and up-to-date information on how the service is provided and how data is exported, the availability of incident reports, statistics and monitoring tools, mandatory minimum service levels, data protection and portability at all stages of the provision, interoperability through appropriate APIs, and data exportability in an interoperable format to another platform.

The qualification certifies the quality of our medical device software RiAtlas Healthcare for taking care of those patients who, after an acute phase, start a therapeutic and assistance path with frequent returns to the hospital environment.

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